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Jerry Russo

What has always been my intention as an artist is to be as sincere and empathetic as possible and a kind observer of the world around me.I’ve always lived my life intensely soaking up the environment with a non-judgmental ( but truthful ) eye and using my work as a reflection of that. With me, what you see is what you get, the stark truth. But through this interpretation, it’s a loving truth.

As a kid growing up in a housing project in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn I only knew what was right in front of me or on TV or in the movies and maybe books.My everyday was  bricks, asphalt and the city's built environment. My first really true experience with nature was a  weekend in the Adirondacks right into the belly of mother nature, Lake George in Warren  County. My folks had friends there and it certainly didn’t disappoint my very naive visual palette. 

I was too young to have done acid so I guess you could say this was my first real trip. I was  overwhelmed in every possible way and everything I looked at, touched, smelled overwhelmed  me in the best possible ways. It created a shadow life for what was to come for the rest of my  life and till this day it became a real marker in so many ways. As I got older I made more trips  to the Adirondacks. Sightseeing visiting friends but I have to say nothing compares to the first  time we met. 

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